What is Cloud Computing?

The concept of “Cloud Computing” refers to the substantial amount and variety of resources provided over the Internet by Cloud hosting providers.

Companies across all industries can take advantage of Cloud Computing and Cloud resources in order to process, analyze, and share data.

For companies in the construction industry, the Cloud enables project managers to more easily:

  • Keep track of construction progress

  • Keep track of labor and equipment utilization

  • Identify and remedy construction defects

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing in Construction

Advanced analytics

By using Cloud Computing resources, construction companies are able to perform advanced data analytics that simply would not be possible without the advent of the Cloud.

In the past, in order to keep up to date on the status of projects, construction companies would require reports to be prepared regularly on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Because of the delay inherent to report preparation, project managers lacked the ability to immediately make important project decisions, such as how to best allocate labor and equipment capacity.

However, by embracing modern Cloud Computing, project managers are able to analyze data in real time and in greater detail so that the best possible decisions can be made.

Ultimately, this means more projects are completed in time and within budget.


The Cloud provides companies with unlimited data storage. This is particularly important for the construction industry, where large CAD (computer-aided design), BIM (building information modeling), and other files can quickly overload the capacity of on-premises storage solutions.

Powerful data processing

Processing of files and data commonly associated with the construction industry can require large amounts of computing power.

Before the Cloud became widely available, construction companies were forced to invest significant amounts of money into computer servers, network infrastructure, and other IT hardware. Plus, investment would have to be made into the labor needed to ensure the uptime of the various IT systems.

Now, with the Cloud, construction companies do not have to make any investment in IT hardware. Construction companies can instead make use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted in the Cloud and maintained by the Cloud hosting provider.

Connecting employees in the field and in the office

The Cloud is accessible from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.

Accordingly, data generated and used by construction companies can easily be uploaded, downloaded, and shared by project managers, team members and contractors, whether or not they are present at a physical project site.

Challenges of Cloud Computing for Construction

Lack of Internet access

One concern that oftentimes causes construction companies to hesitate moving to the Cloud and to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions is: what happens if there is a lack of access to the Internet?

Modernly, the concern over lack of Internet access is diminishing. Access to high-speed Internet has become ubiquitous, whether it be through publicly-available Wi-Fi, or through a 5G LTE cellular network connection.

Data migration

Another concern that construction companies have about moving to the Cloud is: how will data be migrated from existing solutions to Cloud-based solutions?

Experts specializing in migrating construction companies to the Cloud can help with this.

Grow Your Construction Business with Cloud Computing

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