Evolution of the Cloud in Construction

What is the Cloud?

The “Cloud” consists of a vast network of computer servers located in data centers all over the world. The servers and network infrastructure necessary for the Cloud to operate properly are managed by a Cloud hosting provider. The Cloud hosting provider makes Cloud resources, such as computing power and data storage, available for use by businesses and organizations.

With the Cloud, companies can scale IT resources up or down according to demand. This is in contrast to traditional or on-premises IT resources, where companies pay the same regardless of whether or not the resources are being fully utilized.

In the past, Cloud technology was primarily used only by Internet-based companies. However, in recent years, companies in all industries have started to take advantage of the Cloud. This includes the construction industry, where Cloud technology has proven to be highly beneficial.

How the Cloud Has Changed the Construction Industry

By taking advantage of the Cloud, construction companies are able to, among other things:

  • Reduce the number of defects in construction

  • Reduce the need to regularly perform site inspections

  • Improve inventory and project management

  • Track labor and equipment downtime to ensure maximum productivity

Cloud technology makes it possible for members of construction projects to upload and download files and documents, such as blueprints and building information models (BIMs), from anywhere in the world, from any device that has a connection to the Internet.

Further, the Cloud makes it easier for real-time collaboration to take place between on-site workers and off-site project managers. The ability to collaborate in real-time ensures that all members taking part in a construction project are working with up-to-date information.

With the Cloud, project managers are able to gain valuable insight into what the various teams in a construction project are doing at any given time, and are able to make decisions more quickly and intelligently than they would be able to without taking advantage of the Cloud..

Staying Competitive in the Construction Industry

In order to stay competitive in the construction industry, adoption of Cloud-based platforms, software, and IT solutions is a must.

The construction industry has a widely known reputation for being resistant to change. But, largely due to advancements in modern technology, even construction companies are expected to process data much more extensively and rapidly in order to provide the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. The ability to fulfill this expectation simply is not possible without the adoption of Cloud technology.

Construction companies embracing Cloud technology early gain a significant competitive advantage over companies in the industry that choose to delay their migration to the Cloud.

By taking advantage of the resources the Cloud provides over on-premises IT solutions, construction companies using the Cloud are able to provide customer service vastly greater than what can be provided by competitors.

Cloud-utilizing construction companies are more able to:

  • Stop completing projects behind schedule

  • Stop being over budget on projects

  • Keep customers informed of the status of projects

Late adopters of Cloud technology might not be able to get their Cloud solutions up and running fast enough in order to catch up to early adopters of Cloud technology.

The Future of the Construction Industry with the Cloud

It is not unreasonable to believe that the Cloud will continue to transform the way the construction industry does business.

As Cloud technology advances, construction industry customers will have increased expectations that projects will be completed on time and within designated budget.

Improve Your Construction Business with Cloud Technology

When construction customers are choosing the company they want to work with, they want a company that provides:

  • The best quality work with the minimum amount of defects

  • The quickest project completion times

  • The best possible value

Construction companies that embrace Cloud technology are able to provide all of this.

If your construction company has decided it is time to start thinking about moving to the Cloud, Penta Solutions can help.

Penta Solutions specializes in moving construction companies to the Cloud so that companies can:

  • Easily manage customers, field, and service teams

  • Keep accurate and updated job cost accounting

Penta Solutions is a Gold Certified Partner for implementation of the powerful Cloud-based Acumatica ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, which is designed to help construction companies thrive in a competitive industry.

To learn more about Penta Solutions and how Penta can help your construction company take advantage of the Cloud, speak with a Penta expert today.