Why an Industry-Specific Solution Can Better Meet Your Needs for Scale, Speed, and ROI

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a leading-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is designed and continuously improved upon with the specific goal of making companies across all industries more efficient and productive.

Acumatica, the developer of Acumatica Cloud ERP, is based in the United States, and has offices located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Founded in 2008 by ERP veterans, Acumatica is the fastest-growing ERP company, with over 6,000 customers and over 275 employees.

Benefits of Acumatica

Companies that implement Acumatica Cloud ERP realize many benefits to their business operations. These benefits include:

Global accessibility

Acumatica Cloud ERP, as its name suggests, is a Cloud-based software solution that runs off-site, instead of on company premises. Because Acumatica Cloud ERP is hosted in the Cloud, it is accessible from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. Acumatica Cloud ERP is compatible with all devices that have Internet connectivity, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This is particularly beneficial for the construction industry, where company data often needs to be accessed from various project sites.

Remotely maintained

As a Cloud-based software solution, Acumatica Cloud ERP runs on state-of-the-art servers and networking equipment, professionally maintained by highly trained engineers. Companies do not have to incur the time and financial cost of maintaining their own expensive and complex IT hardware.

Industry-specific editions

One of the most stand-out benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP software is the fact that it comes in multiple editions, each edition designed for a specific industry, including the construction industry. The Acumatica Cloud ERP Construction Edition, for example, incorporates powerful features for tracking job costs and labor utilization for each project site.

Data safety and security

Reports of data breaches and hacker attacks have become more commonplace. However, companies using Acumatica Cloud ERP do not worry about the safety and security of their data. Experienced Acumatica engineers ensure that all security vulnerabilities are promptly patched and that all software is kept up to date. As a further safety and security measure, data backups are created regularly in case data ever needs to be recovered.

Why You Need an Industry-Specific Solution

Unlike ERP software designed for general business purposes, Acumatica Cloud ERP and its industry-specific editions are designed to get companies up and running the software immediately.

The ERP software sold by most vendors is intended to be used for general business purposes, such as creating and keeping track of purchase orders. Since the software is not designed for specific industries, it needs to be customized and adapted before it can be effectively used. This can cost a significant amount of time and money.

On the other hand, Acumatica Cloud ERP is produced for, and is intended to be used by, specific industries. The key advantage of having an appropriate, industry-specific Acumatica Cloud ERP edition, is that a company can begin benefitting from the software as soon as it is implemented.

No customizations are needed.

Industry-Specific ERP Solutions Scale with Your Business

The software licensing structure that Acumatica has built for Acumatica Cloud ERP encourages businesses to expand operations and grow in size.

While most other ERP solution vendors have adopted per-user licensing, Acumatica Cloud ERP licensing is priced according to the individual features needed.

Per-user ERP licensing acts as an impediment to business growth: the larger a company gets, the more it has to pay for its ERP solution. If a company wants to share data with contractors or other outside parties, the company will have to purchase additional software licenses.

Acumatica Cloud ERP wants its customers to grow their business operations. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, companies are free to hire new employees and new staff without having to be concerned about purchasing additional software licenses. Further, customers of Acumatica Cloud ERP can grant access to the ERP solution to outside individuals and organizations.

Increase Speed, Performance, and Efficiency

Companies that implement Acumatica Cloud ERP quickly see a measurable boost in speed, performance, efficiency:

  • Speed. Acumatica Cloud ERP enables companies to rapidly execute intelligent business decisions. This is made possible by the ability of Acumatica Cloud ERP to compile huge amounts of complex business data into useful metrics and reports.

  • Performance. By using Acumatica Cloud ERP, performance of business operations are enhanced. Acumatica Cloud ERP centralizes company data to create a single source of truth. In practical terms, this means that company data is kept accurate and available for use by all company departments. To the construction industry, this means that company bookkeepers and project managers will always be working with the same data regarding equipment, material, and labor expenses.

  • Efficiency. Since Acumatica Cloud ERP can be accessed from anywhere an Internet connection is available, vital company data can be recorded and shared in real time. By using Acumatica Cloud ERP, the lag time created by the need to create reports is eliminated. Moreover, the different departments of a company are able to take the same data and transform it in a way that allows them to perform their work with utmost efficiency.

Get the ROI You Need

Companies that implement Acumatica Cloud ERP more quickly realize a return on their investment, than companies that choose a different ERP solution with less functionality.

General ERP solutions can be difficult and frustrating to become accustomed to. These solutions are not industry-specific and, as a result, typically have a cluttered interface with distracting, useless features.

In comparison, Acumatica Cloud ERP is industry-specific and has an interface that users find to be intuitive and familiar.

Since Acumatica Cloud ERP is hosted in the Cloud, companies do not have to make an initial investment in enterprise-grade servers, networking equipment, and software that would be needed for the operation of on-premises ERP software.

The savings companies experience by not having to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure can be enormous.

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