Before you spend time and resources expanding into Canada, we run a comprehensive market analysis of your products or services to validate your company’s capabilities and potential market share. Our team works with you to discuss and assess your sales and profitability goals, product or service capabilities, competitive advantages, and business culture. We prepare a detailed study that includes:


  • A gap/fit analysis between your target markets (industries, territories) and your offering.

  • Your potential market share.

  • Competition landscape.

  • Go-to-Marketing strategy options.

  • Recommendations on how to move your expansion forward.



Once we have validated that your products or services are a good fit for your target market, we prepare your action plan that includes:

  • Your short and long-term goals with key milestones.

  • An inventory of financial, human, and technological resources needed to succeed.

  • Research of potential partners or resellers needed to execute your GTM goals.

  • Legal and other permit requirements.

  • A detailed execution plan, including budget and financial analysis.

Business Plan


Now that your detailed plan is complete, we work with you in executing your tailored strategy to promote your products or services in your target markets. Our team will guide you with many activities, including:

  • Legal:  Implementation of all the legal requirements, including incorporation of your local legal entity, if applicable, as well as any government permits to operate in the region.

  • Accounting: Opening your corporate, sales and payroll tax numbers, as well as bank accounts.

  • Staffing:  We help your HR team to search for qualified candidates to staff your local team.

  • Operations: Sourcing of local suppliers to setup your internal systems.

Rocket Launch


Our Business Development services in Canada have been designed to maximize efficiency. We have the capabilities to help you with the ongoing local marketing, lead generation and partner management activities, including:

  • We work with your marketing team in designing and running your local marketing campaigns (traditional and digital platforms).

  • Coordination with your sales team for lead generation activities and sales qualification process.

  • Act as your representative to build relationships with local partners and potential sales channels.